Solid state course coming up in Copenhagen

At Particle Analytical we are planning a course in Solid State Characterisation. The audience is professionals, mainly in the pharmaceutical industry, working with powders. The exact time and date will be given at a later time point (expected winter 2016).  Following subjects will be covered:

  • Regulatory requirements to powder analysis
  • The world of particles: An overview
  • Analytical techniques (Particle Size Determination, XRD, Thermal Analysis,Dynamic Vapor Sorption etc)
  • Cases from real life

The course will include a number of practical exercises. The aim of the course is to provide the audience with an overview of the regulatory requirements – and a better understanding of outcome of the various analytical methods.  Further, the focus is to present some of the pitfalls that our customers often experience – in order for you to avoid getting into the same “problems”.

Please use the contact form if you want to receive an email, when all details about the course is in place.

If you cannot wait (!) – we have a “crash course” posted on our web site: Crash course in Solid State Analysis