Solubility Enhancement


Solubility results vary from batch-to-batch? Or you’ve obtained out-of-specification dissolution test results?

Possible checklist: 

  • Polymorphism of your drug substance
  • Variation in particle size distribution from batch-to-batch
  • Quality problem due to particle segregation in manufacturing
  • Water-induced phase transformation in the solubility buffer
  • The crystallisation of the amorphous material
  • Precipitation due to salt disproportionation or co-crystal dissociation
  • Instability of suspension formulation due to particle size growth during storage
  • Formation of rubbery state for amorphous drug/excipient or gelatine capsule
  • The thickness of the coating for control release (CR) or modified release (MR) product 

Consult our Experts

Dr. Wenbo Wang
QC Chemist

Dr. Anna Shevchenko
Principal Scientist


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