Is it possible to perform a valid and reliable crystal screening in just two weeks?

We tend to say yes! Of course you cannot test all possible crystal conformations within this time frame – but using a scientifically well founded set-up you might be able to catch the most “probable structures”. We have tested our crystalline screening set up for well known compounds – and have shown that our quite simple set-up is sufficient in finding most of the polymorphic forms identified in the literature.

The main challenge when performing a screening for new crystal forms is to “get rid of” the original crystals, as these will act as nucleators for further crystal growth. This can be done in various solvent where you make sure that the compound is fully dissolved. It may require filtration and heating. Further, you have to have experimental procedures making it possible to “freeze the system” under various conditions, making it possible to trap some of the meta-stable conformations.

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