Morphologi G3 purchased – is it just another microscope?

We are happy to announce that Particle Analytical has purchased a new instrument: Morphologi G3 from Malvern.

It is ”just” another microscope, where you can determine the sizes of the particles in a powder. However, this instrument has some large advantages compared to manual microscopy, both in relation to the larger number of particles included in the analysis – and the possibilities of looking at special characteristics, which might be highly valuable for optimizing the manufacturing process.

In many cases, the customers want to know the size of the particles, given as an average diameter and a distribution: Are the main part of the particles “same size” or does the powder contain many large and small particles? Further, it is interesting to know whether the particles are needles, flakes or spheres, as this is very relevant information with regard to the properties during manufacturing.

With Morphologi G3, data treatment is so much easier than with manual microscopy: You get an overview of a larger number of particles – and only imagination sets the limit for HOW analysis should be performed in order to understand the behavior of the powder. With the new equipment you can analyze in various ways on the same sample: How many needles compared to flakes? Does the large particles have different morphology than the small particles?

Especially during development this type of analysis is very relevant: Could a more optimal particle size shape be obtained by varying, for instance, the temperature or solvent composition during precipitation.

Also for routine analysis the instrument gives some advantages: When a final production process has been defined, a validated method for determining particles sizes is essential in order to secure that the process in under control. Due to the large number of particles that is included in the analysis, even small changes in particle characteristics will be discovered.

Please use the contact form if you want to know more about the possibilities – or if you need a quote on analysis.