July 2012 – new equipment

Particle Analytical offers full solid state analysis of your drug…. but why perform solid state analysis? Because solid state analysis is necessary in order to understand and control your drug during development. Lack of control of the particles corresponds to a risk of sudden transformations or changes in the stability and properties of the drug. Such changes might have large consequences for the behaviour of the drug during manufacturing and -ultimately- in vivo. I.e. the potential risk if these analyses are not performed is that the analytical program and the clinical studies have to be repeated which of course is quite costly. Description of solid particles includes:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Crystalline form
  • Properties of crystalline form

Particle Analytical now has all the necessary equipment for performing a full solid state analysis!!!! It includes XRD, TGA, DVS, FTIR, Dissolution System, Hot Stage Microscopy etc. XRD shows whether your particles are crystalline or amorph – TGA reveals whether it contains solvent, DVS measures hygroscopicity, etc. Please contact us if you want more information about this area of solid state characterisation (or take a look around on the homepage :)).