What is a particle?

  • From Wikipedia: “A particle is a small localized object to which can be ascribed several physical properties such as volume or mass.”
  • In relation to a pharmaceutical drug, particle relates to a network of drug molecules bound to each other in a more or less structured manner – forming solid ”clusters” (particles)  such as powders.
  • Tablets and capsules used for pharmaceutical products  are “made of” particles of various particle sizes in the form of powders.
  • Particle analysis = powder analysis
  • Particle analysis might be related to the active pharmaceutical ingredient, but also to the excipients.
  • The nature and size of the particles determines the physical properties of the drug with regard to stability, solubility, dissolution, reactivity etc.
  • The particle size has high impact on the dissolution rate.
  • The particle size can be described by various parameters
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particle size