Dosage form compatibility is essential in pre-formulation and formulation. It is important in selecting dosage form components that are compatible with the drug. We have a range of experts that have experience in drug-excipient compatibility. Let us help you design, conduct, and interpret the compatibility studies to help accelerate formulation development activities and prevent or minimize surprises in drug development.

By conducting the compatibility studies, you can find out if an excipient:

  • Induce or inhibit chemical degradation?
  • Promote or delay the physical form transition?
  • Eliminate or increase the disproportionation risk of a salt?
  • Induce or inhibit the deliquescence of the drug substance or excipient?

Below are some relevant properties that can be investigated to select and understand dosage form components interact with the drug.

Thermal Analysis


Structure and ID

Surface area

Particle Size & Morphology



Tablets & powder

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