We are honoured to be your analytical service laboratory. We will strive to provide accurate, timely data to you at a reasonable price.

Sample submission

  • All materials must be accompanied by an MSDS. Storage and disposable information must also accompany the samples. Please also provide contact information for the responsible person.
  • New customers:  Please inform us of your VAT number and also of any PO-order or other invoicing information.
  • Our normal payment terms are 8 days.

Turn-Around Time

  •  The normal maximum turnaround time is 10 working days. We can also provide 3-5 working day and next business day delivery for an extra fee. Please contact us in advance for availability.

GMP compliant Data

  • PA is pleased to provide GMP compliant data if requested by the customer.
  • For GMP samples a Quality Agreement is required

Sample Return

  • Samples will be disposed of by Particle Analytical unless directed otherwise by the client. Please specify your choice for sample disposal or return.

General terms Particle Analytical 2017 apply to all sample

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