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Determine the density to evaluate quality, flowability and manufacturability of your powder

Density is the mass of a quantity of matter divided by the volume of that same quantity and usually has the units of grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm3). Accurately measured density reveals much about your material.

The density of a solid particle can assume different values depending on the method used to measure the volume of the particle. It is useful to distinguish three levels of expression of density: 

  • The crystal density which only includes the solid fraction of the material; the crystal density is also called true density¬†
  • The particle density also includes the volume due to intra particulate pores and this density can be determined by helium pycnometry¬†
  • The bulk density further includes the¬†inter particulate¬†void volume formed in the powder bed; the bulk density is also called apparent density.¬†
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