Microscopy and digital image analysis


Primary particles are vacuum dispersed in air or liquid on object-glass prior to image analysis and magnified

Optical Microscopy and digital image analysis can be used for:

  • Determination of particle size distribution.
  • Statistical evaluation of Particle shape, e.g. aspect ratio (ratio between breadth and length), which gives valuable extra information -complementary to laser diffraction – about particle morphology.
  • Overview of particles dispersed in liquid or air.
  • Observation and identification of foreign particles in the sample (pollution). Suspicion of pollution should be followed by elemental analysis by EDX/SEM or I.R./Raman to confirm foreign particles.
  • Search for evidence of crystallisation in amorphous solid dispersions.

It is possible to determine the particle size distribution by number or calculated volume (0.5 µm – 2 cm). For size distribution purposes, more than 10000-50000 particles are typically processed.

For Material Experts: 

Instruments and measuring principle  

Particle Analytical uses an automated optical microscopy device Morphology G3 manufactured by  MalvernPanalytical.

InstrumentMorphologi G3, particle size and particle shape image analyser from Malvern
USP/Ph. Eur.USP 776 /Ph. Eur 2.9.37 
Particle size0.5 µm – 2 cm
Dispersion pressure range0.5 bar – 5 bar. Dispersion pressure precision: 0.1 bar increments
ResultImages and diagram of particle size distribution: Size, shape, transparency, count, location. Aspect ratio, circularity, convexity, elongation, high sensitivity (H.S.) circularity, solidity fibre elongation, fibre straightness


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Dr. Changyong Lu
QC Chemist

Dr. Anna Shevchenko
Principal Scientist


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