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Surface area is crucial for powder-based formulations

Specific surface area (SSA) is a property of solids defined as the total surface area of a material per unit of mass, with units of m2/kg or m2/g. It is a physical value that can be used to determine the properties of a material  and has a crucial role for characterisation of pharmaceutical powders. It has a particular importance for adsorption, heterogeneous catalysis, and reactions on surfaces.

On the left is a low specific surface area seen. On the right a large specific surface area.

Values obtained for specific surface area depend on the method of measurement.
We can offer you a variety of methods that can be used to determine the SSA:

Are you interested in measuring the outer area on the powder particles (excluding pores)?
Then we can recommend the permeability method.

Or you need to know the specific surface area of the powder including pores?
This area can be measured by gas adsorption method (BET).

On your demand we can also offer you determination of SSA by adsorption of solvents.

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