Analytical techniques

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Outsource a specific analysis to us

Thermal Analysis

Study materials as they change with temperature

Particle Size & Morphology

Look at the particle size and the shape of your particles


Measure the density of your powders

Structure and ID

Identify the drug substance and crystalline form

Surface area

Measure the specific surface area of pharmaceutical powders


Study the water uptake of your material


Determine the refraction index, flowability, or dissolution

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When you outsource a specific analysis to us, we will do our best to guide you in the selection of the analysis and parameters. We can support your in-house capabilities, or we can complement them. 

When you select a single analysis you still need to do some initial test alignments to ensure reliable results.

Services we offer:

Please download our recently published technical sheet below for more information about our analytical techniques. No matter what, our experts are ready to help you in this process. 

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Dr. Fozia Shah, Project Manager

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