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Solid State Characterization?

Save time - Get help from experts in materials science and particle properties

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We have +20 years experience with complex pharma development tasks

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We have the broadest knowledge in solid state characterization

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Particle Analytical is a GMP certified contract laboratory that is devoted to supporting customers within the field of solid-state analysis of particles,  primarily within the pharmaceutical industry. We have a variety of different service offering, some of which include:

  • Full analysisDetermination and examination of physical properties
  • Drug Product Quality-by-Design
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing QC
  • Standard techniques (XRD, DSC, TGA…) and unique analyses
  • cGMP compliant with a certificate from the Danish Medicines Agency and registered with the FDA

We are experts in Pharmaceutical drug development and manufacturing testing. We can assist you in all phases from drug discovery to final product manufacturing in GMP processes and help you develop the methods you need. Which process would you like our help with, Discovery, Proof of Concept or Manufacturing?

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