The need for equipment made redundant

During a meeting with a customer producing API’s we came to talk about storage issues: They had to invest in new drying cabinets in order to have the capacity to dry the material correctly – but they had insufficient laboratory space. After asking a few questions about the process we became aware that the temperature and time for drying of the material was based on “that’s how we usually do”.

We decided to perform a single dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) experiment on two of their materials. In a DVS experiments the matarial is exposed to different humitides at controlled temperature, and the weight changes are followed with high accuracy. From these experiments is was realized that the time needed for drying the material was much shorter than expected. It turned out that the knowledge about the reduced time needed for drying solved their capacity problems: They could actually dry much more material than expected in a much shorter time – and the need for extra drying cabinets no longer existed.

Drying can be time consuming and costly. Do you have the sufficient knowledge in relation to drying of your material? Please contact us if you if you are interested in a quote on a DVS measurement,


DVS measurement