Hot Stage Microscopy: Watch the beauty of a crystal melting and recrystallising

Hot Stage Microscopy is a unique method in visual examination of the thermal events of a pharmaceutical compound. Not only does it give valuable information about the system – but it is also very stunning! Click on the link to watch a crystal melting. The video show a pharmaceutical compound heated from room temperature. After heating for 30 seconds melting occur (seen as disappearance of the crystals into “a melt”.) Further heating leads to recrystallisation of a new crystalline form.

Hot Stage Microscopy is a very valuable tool in physical characterisation of a compound. Thermal transitions (e.g. change in crystal form) are usually very clearly seen. Hot Stage Microscopy is always used in our polymorph screenings.  The operating range of the Hot Stage Microscope is from room temperature to approximately 400°C and various heating/cooling rates can be chosen.