Training Courses for Professional in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Delivering quality and regulatory compliance

At Particle Analytical we offer half-day or full-day courses covering solid state analysis  (powder analysis) – in the pharmaceutical industry. The courses cover background, techniques, interpretation of results – and regulatory requirements.

At Particle Analytical we have more than 13 years of experience in the area of powder characterization, thus we have “hands on” experience with almost all problems relating to this discipline. An example of a standard course program is seen in the table below, but we can easily adjust the content to your needs.

  • Application and implementation of industry knowledge and experience is the driver for our course design. Not theoretical- academic lectures. Thus, many real life examples will be given.
  • Featuring a blend of interactive learning tools, including case studies, group discussions and practical exercises.
  • You can be confident that Particle Analytical courses are always up-to-date and topical, addressing the latest concerns facing your industry. We continuously revise our content to ensure that your course is relevant and timely.
  • Contact us if you want to book a course at your company – or if you wish to have more information about the courses.
Courses provided
Name Information about course
1. Introduction to particle size determinations of pharmaceutical products.Introduction to the area. Presentation of different techniques. Risks and pitfalls in determination of particle sizes. For people with limited experience within this scientific discipline. Might be very relevant for companies that are building up an internal laboratory for particle size determination.
2. Advanced particle characterisation For people already working in the area of particle characterisation. With onset in various real life cases it will be explained how to obtain the most correct determination of particle sizes – and what mistakes to avoid. Method development and validation are described. An overview of the regulatory guidelines is given.
3. General physical chemical characterisation of pharmaceuticals In order to control and understand a new API an minimum number of experiments are needed to test stability – compatibility – hygroscopicity and so on. An overview of "why and how" including background – analytical techniques – interpretation of result etc.
4. Advanced physical chemical characterisation – including polymorph screening A thorough introduction into the world of solids – crystal properties – stability – methods – QbD – screening set-up – regulatory requirements etc.